Paralyzed? In Dream? In Life? GATEWAY TO 5D!

All of us dream throughout the night. Sometimes beautiful, sweet dreams we don’t want to wake up from and sometimes nightmares from which we wake up glad that it was “just a dream”!

There is also a possibility of being paralyzed in a dream a phenomenon called “Sleep Paralysis”


What is sleep paralysis?

During sleep, your body alternates between REM (rapid eye movement) and NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep. One cycle of REM and NREM sleep lasts about 90 minutes. NREM sleep occurs first and takes up to 75% of your overall sleep time. During NREM sleep, your body relaxes and restores itself. At the end of NREM, your sleep shifts to REM. Your eyes move quickly and dreams occur, but the rest of your body remains very relaxed. Your muscles are “turned off” during REM sleep. If you become aware before the REM cycle has finished, you may notice that you cannot move or speak.

I came accross this term years ago, I was 14 when I first started having sleep paralysis. I had no explanation- all I know is that I was scared to death. No one from my family or friends have experienced this state and it was quite foreign to all.

Let me describe it in experience, not definition > You wake up and you know you are up, but you don’t even realize if you are really awake or somewhere else. As you keep having these states, you realize you are actually not totally awake, but somewhere in between. And then you try to wake up, but you cannot and you get a boiling feeling in the brain, you try to move to escape, but there is no escape, your body is unable to move, you have no power to move anywhere, you are choking, you are panicking, your mind can create spiders, demons, all that you fear and it seems sooo very real. THAT IS HOW OUR MIND IS POWERFUL, IN OUR DAILY LIVES AS WELL!

I continued on having these, on and off for years, some periods more and some periods less. Now I’ve realized it is my deepest fears being surfaced, all mental creations, all illusions.

I searched this condition and it is only put as a condition that might need treatment ( of course some suggest even anti depressants or whatever, not accepting what is occuring, rather wanting to “treat it” immediately and shut it down!). It was after years that I started meditating. It made me more aware of what is going on inside my mind.

After a period, I got a sleep paralysis again. First I got the feeling of being choked, as if I am going to die and feared, but then I realized that is all just a big illusion that my mind is creating. What if I relax and let go? With meditation and awareness, I kind of started getting control in that state, to transcend the fear. WHAT I WISH I KNEW WAY BACK.

Guess what I found out? IT’s a gateway to the astral world!

Astral travel is real, you float and feel free. But it takes practice, because the fear ( in my case) can still take you down, choke you and literally paralyze you. I can make one good analogy here- that fear is the ego, the egoic mind that produces all kinds of illusions and worries in our daily life. They are literally paralyzing. When you function from ego, fear you are paralyzed, locked, caught ( hello sleep paralysis) and when you operate from love, your real self you are vibrating high, you are in a vortex, you feel abundant (you float in the astral world).


There is so much more to life….. be free!

This is a shortcut from the book ” The Third Eye” by a Tibetan lama Lobsang Rampa and the Tibetan views on astral travel.

“Astral travelling is easier and surer.

Most lamas do it, and anyone who is prepared to use

some patience can indulge in the useful and pleasant



During our waking hours on Earth our ego is

confined to the physical body, and unless one is trained

it is not possible to separate them. When we sleep it is

only the physical body which needs rest, the spirit

disengages itself and usually goes to the spirit realm in

much the same way as a child returns home at the end

of the school day. The ego and physical bodies

maintain contact by means of the “silver cord”, which

is capable of unlimited extension. The body stays alive

so long as the silver cord is intact; at death the cord is

severed as the spirit is born into another life in the spirit

world, just as a baby’s umbilical cord is severed to part

it from its mother. Birth, to a baby, is death to the

sheltered life it led within the mother’s body. Death, to

the spirit, is birth again into the freer world of spirit.

While the silver cord is intact, the ego is free to roam

during sleep, or consciously in the case of those

specially trained. The roaming of the spirit produces

dreams, which are impressions transmitted along the

silver cord. As the physical mind receives them they are

“rationalized” to fit in with one’s earth belief. In the

world of spirit there is no time—“time” is a purely

physical concept—and so we have cases where long

and involved dreams seem to occur in the fraction of a

second. Probably everyone has had a dream in which a

person far away, perhaps across the oceans, has been

met and spoken to. Some message may have been

given, and on awakening there is usually a strong

impression of something that should be remembered.

Frequently there is the memory of meeting a distant

friend or relative and it is no surprise to hear from that

person within a very short time. In those who are

untrained the memory is often distorted and the result is

an illogical dream or nightmare.


In Tibet we travel much by astral projection—not by

levitation—and the whole process is within our control.

The ego is made to leave the physical body, although

still connected to it by the silver cord. One can travel

where one wills, as quickly as one can think. Most

people have the ability to engage in astral travel. Many

have actually started out, and being untrained, have

experienced a shock. Probably everyone has had the

sensation of just drifting off to sleep and then, without

apparent reason, being violently awakened by a sudden

powerful jerk. This is caused by too rapid

exteriorization of the ego, an ungentle parting of

physical and astral bodies. It causes contraction of the

silver cord, and the astral is snatched back into the

physical vehicle. It is a much worse feeling when one

has traveled and is returning. The astral is floating

many feet above the body, like a balloon at the end of a

string. Something, perhaps some external noise, causes

the astral to return to the body with excessive rapidity.

The body awakens suddenly, and there is the horrible

feeling that one has fallen off a cliff and awakened just

in time”