Everyone Has Superhuman Powers: Here Is How To Activate Your Third Eye!

The third eye, which is represented as the 6th Chakra, could be the equivalent of the Pineal Gland.

Found near the center, between the brain’s hemispheres, the tiny pine cone shaped is in charge of producing Serotonin, a derivative form of Melatonin. It deals with our hormones and it affects our seasonal functions, sleeping patterns and more.

Indeed, the -Pineal Gland, commonly known as our ‘Third Eye’ or ‘Ajna Chakra’ releases a lot of power when it opens. It symbolizes a sort of bridge or portal between the physical and the spiritual world.

There are various methods to open your Third Eye chakra, like practicing yoga and meditation.

Image Courtesy: Inner Outer Peace

When activated, your mind will be filled with extreme sensation of oneness and unity, as well as euphoria and overwhelming feelings. It opens your vision to another level and it gives access to a different knowledge and perspective of view on your surroundings.

Opening the Third Eye can also lead you to astral projection, astral travel, remote view of your life, or OBE (Out of Body Experience).  Through advanced practices and exercises, opening your Third Eye can help you control actions and thoughts of other people.

Yes, it almost sounds like magic!

Knowledge and information on the Third Eye or Pineal Gland are wide but remain hidden in our occidental culture.

Our modern society and the way it works, restrains the Third Eye to open.

One of the reasons that hinders with the opening of the Third Eye, is the consumption of sodium fluoride.

How, you would ask?

Millions of people digest sodium fluoride everyday and even if you quit sodium fluoride in edible consumption voluntarily, you’re still taking it through the water supply.

Several studies in the United States show that the water supply contains more than 90% of fluoride and other various components. Unfortunately, even a basic water filter is not able to filter out all fluoride components.

And guess what absorbs it? The Pineal Gland.

Thus, the pineal gland is less likely to get activated.

In order to weaken this phenomenon, one of the cheapest solution would be water distillation. It would reduce the amount of sodium fluoride in water, drastically.

I know it may sound like a scheme or a conspiracy.

However, many can notice the huge disconnection between people and their own spirituality. Most of the people are still stuck in their erroneous beliefs: for those, we are only human beings living here in the physical world, with limited time.

Nothing goes beyond.

Opening your third eye and activating your Pineal Gland will help you understand that we are all coming from the same infinite energy, that we are all one, experiencing a beautiful human life.

Fortunately, change is coming and the world is waking up. More and more people are beginning to “wake up” and be aware of all the powers we have inside, leading us to infinite possibilities.

This video below is of Ralph Smart, a psychologist, author, counselor, life coach and relationship guide, explaining the activation of the Third Eye.