This man took the 9-year-old girl home after her operation. A year later, her parents throw their arms around him

Zubaida Hasan was 9 years old and a member of a nomadic family from Afghanistan which consisted of her two parents and eight brothers and sisters.

In August of 2001, Zubaida was pouring kerosene into an indoor home cooking stove while it was hot. As a result, the fuel ignited and the little girl caught on fire.

Her burns were so severe that the lower half of her face had literally melted into her chest.

Her parents were destroyed and tried to take her to all of the local hospitals, but none of them were able to help.

Then, in 2002, about a year after the horrific accident, her father decided to approach some of the Americans.

The American base was moved by the tragedy and contacted someone higher up within the government, who then got in touch with a world renowned plastic surgeon from Los Angeles, named Peter Grossman.

Despite specializing in burn victims, even he admitted Zubaida was perhaps the worst disfigurement he had ever seen.

Zubaida flew with her father to Los Angeles to meet with the doctor and the doctor became intent on helping give this little girl a second chance.

Zubaida, completed twelve major surgeries over the course of roughly one year and within a relatively short period of time, the transformation was mind blowing.

The doctor really put his heart and mind into the surgery and gradually she began to transform.

The doctor took an immediate liking to the young warrior. So much so that while she had to go through all of her operations, he and his wife welcomed the little girl into their home.

Zubaida began school for the first time in her life at Round Meadow Elementary School in Calabasas, California and some how managed to learn how to speak English in just 12 weeks. She also made lots of friends because she is animated with positive energy and charisma.

Zubaida had finally completed her operations and had to say goodbye to the doctor who had changed her life, to be reunited with her family. It was a bitter sweet farewell.

Doctor Grossman flew with Zubaida to Afghanistan to return her to her parents safely. Her parents simply could not believe their eyes when they saw their daughter. It was a miracle.

The family were filled with joy and Zubaida’s dad said he believed that Allah/God sent the doctor to help them, while also pointing out that his wife suffered two nervous breakdowns because of the tragedy and associated anxiety too.

Zubaida’s village is in such a remote place that keeping in touch is practically impossible, but the doctor and his wife purchased a special satellite phone and they keep in touch and speak at least once a  week.

Here is a video of Zubaida’s story below: