10 Habits You Need To Adopt Today To Stop Dementia Or Alzheimer’s Before It Starts

A condition like dementia is composed of numerous cognitive issues that also include memory loss. It can be encountered in various forms like Huntington’s disease, vascular dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common and it occurs in 60-80% of all cases. If the root cause is not treated, dementia will get worse. Some of the most common symptoms include memory loss, apathy and depression.

Here are some of the risk factors that can be treated or controlled:

  • Insufficient physical activity
  • Malnutrition/Vitamin deficiencies
  • Impaired thyroid function
  • Head injuries
  • Medication that worsens the condition
  • Smoking
  • Hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and numerous other cardiovascular issues
  • Alcoholism

10 Habits You Need To Adopt Today To Stop Dementia Or Alzheimer’s Before It Starts

10 ways to reduce the risk of dementia

Stop smoking

Smoking is very harmful for your body. It especially damages your brain. According to studies, people who smoke have an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease in even 45%. If you’re a smoker, think about giving up of them!

Be more active

Being more active will help your heart pump and also stimulate your blood flow. Make sure you exercise for at least half an hour every day and you’ll manage to prevent numerous chronic problems.

Boost your vitamin B intake

B vitamins are able to reduce our HC or homocysteine levels. This is a molecule which damages the vascular system. It also increases the heart disease, risk of stroke, as well as numerous other vascular issues. If you start consuming more vitamin B, you’ll manage to prevent any age-related cognitive problem.

Boost your vitamin D intake

Cognitive issues/dementia and vitamin D deficiency are strongly connected. Make sure you start using some supplements in order to prevent any damage to your brain.

The best way to intake this vitamin is to use supplements of high quality and spend more time in the sun.

Brain Challenge

People who are bilingual have lower risk of developing dementia. If you manage to challenge your brain, you’ll also manage to delay the onset of memory loss.

Protect your head

Make sure you keep your head protected and always wear a helmet when you’re riding a bike or walking on ice. This will also help you prevent injuries.

Alcohol isn’t your friend

Alcohol in excessive amounts will increase your risk of dementia.

Numbers matter

Make sure you always know your weight, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. You should always be aware of your metabolic and cardiovascular health.


Meet with a friend! Chat, walk, do whatever you want to. Your brain needs company just as you do.

Keep your brain busy by learning something new. It is very important to have good mental health!

Make sure you’re away of all sources that contain aluminum!