Experienced Emotional Abuse in Your Childhood? Then You’re Probably Doing These as An Adult

The trauma caused by emotional abuse leaves behind a lot of pain and many unhealed scars for a child.  No child deserves it under any circumstances. The actual abuse may wane out in your childhood; however, its effect lasts for a lifetime. These are the 15 things you are doing if you have suffered emotional abuse as a child.

Avoiding conflicts

  • You cannot stand arguments and fights. The loud screaming and yelling makes you lose your calm instantly.

Not taking compliments

  • You were underappreciated for your accomplishments as a child. No one gave you a pat on the back. Growing up, you never learned to take compliments. Now you do not know how to react to them when they come your way.

Perfection Obsessed

  • You are driven with a constant need for proving yourself. You tend to strive for perfection in everything that you do. You don’t do it because you love what you’re doing. You merely do it to prove yourself to those around you.

Lack of Belief in Yourself

  • Your lack belief in yourself so much that you do not trust anything you do. This also makes you indecisive as you cannot make a choice in your life.You always think you are doing something wrong. You look to others to validate you and your actions. It breaks your world apart to think that others would not care about your presence. You have extremely low self-esteem as well.

Taking Unnecessary Blame

  • You think everything in the universe is your fault. For this sometimes you even apologize a lot. If you were told that only you are responsible for global warming, you will end up taking the blame for that as well.

Socially Awkward

  • You are a pro at building a fortress around you. Social situations make you anxious. You are afraid of being surrounded by too many people. Settings like school or your workplace scare you to no end. If you are a PTSD sufferer, then the struggle is taken to another level.

Cannot Trust Anyone

  • You face severe trust issues. You cannot trust anyone about anything. You do not share your problems or your secrets with anyone. You are afraid to seek help. You think people will help you out of selfish reasons. You also block people out of your life. This is why growing attached to someone or loving someone scares you. You don’t trust that they will stay in your life, or love you unconditionally.

Face Anxiety/Depression

  • You are clinically depressed. You also find it difficult to share what you feel. In stressful situations, your anxiety kicks in. You are not able to hold your own in such situations.

Overly Defensive

  • You can be extremely defensive about things. This makes people think you are nasty or rude, even if you are not.

Pleasing Everyone

  • You always feel the need to please those you think are in authority. You fear that somehow you will be harmed or you will be in trouble if you don’t please them.

Justifying All Your Actions

  • You always explain everything you do, your every move. You feel like you owe this explanation to those around you.

Don’t Look People in the Eye

  • You are shy. You find it difficult to hold a conversation. For this reason, you avoid eye contact with people as well.

Difficulty Taking a Stand

  • You maintain a completely neutral stance in a difficult situation. You are so passive that you let people walk over you while you wait for it to get over.

Face an Identity Crisis

  • You don’t know who you are. You don’t have a sense of your identity. You have trouble realizing what you want from your life or how you want it to be.

Bottled Up Anger

  • You have intense feelings of anger bottled up inside of you. These feelings come from years of emotional abuse and you don’t know how to manage them.

Written by Tomi – The Usual Routine