Picatrix: Ancient Manuscript that Teaches How to Obtain Energy from the Cosmos

Do you know there exists an encyclopedia of magic which promises to impart power and enlightenment to its user? Yes. Known as the “Handbook of talismanic magic”, the Picatrix is one of the most influential books ever written on astrological magic. It was originally written in Arabic under the title Ghāyat al-Ḥakīm in 11th Century. The Arabic title translates as ‘The Aim of the Sage’ or ‘The Goal of the Wise’

The Picatrix is considered larger than most of the other medieval books on magic. It outlines several complicated and mysterious rituals. Though mainly concerned with astrology (of how to view, control and improve the future), the book contains various gruesome potion which are aimed to alter one’s consciousness. For example, there is one for “generating enmity and discord”. For preparing the potion you need to “take four ounces of the blood of a black dog, two ounces of pig blood and brains, and one ounce of donkey brains” and “Mix all this together until well blended.” The book claims that if you make someone drink this potion that person will start hating you. Quite weird, right?

This vast work is divided into four books:

Book 1: “Of the heavens and the effects they cause through images made under them”

Book 2: “Of the figures of the heavens in general, and of the general motion of the sphere, and of their effects in this world”

Book 3: “Of the properties of the planets and signs, and of their figures and forms made in their colours, and how one may speak with the spirits of the planets, and of many other magical workings”

Book 4: “Of the properties of spirits, and of those things that are necessary to observe in this most excellent art, and how they may be summoned with images, fumigations and other things”

Each book is further divided into several parts. These parts concern themselves with the universe, natural, elemental objects, spirits, food, perfumes, science, all connected by one theme i.e. magic. The book which is ascribed to an astrologer-mathematician of 11th Century Abu-Maslama Muhammad ibn Ibrahim ibn ‘Abd al-‘im al-Majrīt’ continues to influence the followers of occult till date.

Picatrix Ancient Manuscript that Teaches How to Obtain Energy from the Cosmos

image source: ancient-code.com

Written by Tomi – The Usual Routine