Story About a Little Town Called Kitsault

It may look like a horror movie from the 80’s, but what actually is a small town that was built in Canadian Province of British Columbia by the U.S. mining conglomerate, Phelps Dodge Corporation in 1979.The Kitsault town was built for undergoing mining operations for molybdenum, which is a metal that is used in steel production.At its finest, Kitsault had all the necessities for a town that had more than a thousand people living there.

The town featured:

  • Hospital
  • Grocery store
  • Sports Centre
  • Shopping mall
  • Theater
  • Bar

But only after 18 months of growth and prosperity of Kitsault town, the price of molybdenum metal crashed and Phelps Dodge had to buy back the homes from the residents and asked them to leave. Some of the residents who denied to leave were forcibly removed.

After the collapse, everything was abandoned, but strangely enough, they didn’t demolish the town to at least save some of the investment, on the contrary, they left the town as it is. They even left the electricity working. This is why Kitsault was the main attraction for ghost busters and paranormal activists until 2004.

In 2004, Kitsault was bought by an Indian-American businessman Krishnan Suthanthiran for $5.7 million and closed it to the public, so far he has spent over $2.5 million for maintenance and would have spent over $20 million more for a full upgrade.

In all of his effort, businessman Krishnan Suthanthiran proposed Kitsault as a location for an (LNG) Liquefied natural gas terminal site for the export of natural gas from northwestern British Columbia. This would mean that the town could be blooming again with its amazing location and infrastructure.

On 23 September 2014 LNG pipeline routing to Kitsault has been proposed. And yet we are going to see this small town rise again.

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Written by Nikola – The Usual Routine