What is Your Hidden Element that Powers Your Soul?

There are 4 natural elements who are essential for life on this earth:


The foundation of every other element is the Earth. The Earth is Kingdom of strength, knowledge, growth, and prosperity. We couldn’t exist in this form without the Earth. But our planet is simply a manifestation of this element on the physical plane, each of the elements exists in the astral planes as pure energy. The Earth energy radiates not only within ourselves but also throughout the universe at large.


Is a cleansing and loving element that is made of pure energy. Its power can be felt by tasting clear spring water, moving your hand through a stream or from a moving boat. The water energy is also within ourselves because our body is 80% full of Water.


This element is crucial for survival in every living breathing creature that walks on this planet.To connect with the power of this element, find a place with clean air and breathe deeply, touch a feather or inhale the fragrance of a heavily scented flower. Let yourself experience the energy of this element, and reflect that we also possess Air energy within ourselves.


Fire, unlike the other elements, does not exist in a natural state. Its physical form can only take place by consuming some other element. Fire is the transformer, converting the energy of other objects into other forms: heat, light, ash, and smoke. Fire is the natural element of animals and mankind, and they “have, in their natures, a most fiery force, and also spring from celestial sources.”

This test will help you understand the hidden source of energy that power up your soul, and tell you more about you as a person.

Written by Nikola – The Usual Routine