What a Woman’s Sleeping Position Reveals about Her

A commonly held notion about women is that their psyche is more complex and convoluted than that of men. According to many, it is almost impossible to penetrate into a woman’s mind and know what her nature is like. But recent studies about sleep and sleeping postures have shown that in reality, we can decode a woman’s nature or in a broader canvas anybody’s personality by minutely examining their sleeping positions. Actually, while sleeping, the subconscious part of the human brain becomes extremely active which reflects in the sleeping postures. This is such an interesting way to comprehend human characters in general.

However, in this article, we would focus particularly on women. So, there, there, ladies! Feeling doubtful about the truthfulness of this theory? Then check out the list below and see for yourself.

The Freefall

Do you sleep on your belly while tucking your hands under the pillow? If you do so, then you are undoubtedly an extremely social person. You are friendly, you are kind and you have a very welcoming and affectionate nature. But, at times you can become over sensitive about trivial issues.

The Hugger

You are very easy to rely on if you sleep in the hugger position i.e if you hug your pillow while sleeping. You are always trustworthy and loyal to your friends. However, there is a chance that you become too open with others at times. Beware! People may often interpret your openness in a negative way.

The Board

Sleeping stiffly like a board means you are quiet and reserved. You tend to restrain yourself from public attention and social interactions. You have a high self-esteem which is good.

The Side Log

If you sleep in a sidewise position and your posture resembles a piece of log, then you ought to be a quiet and calm person. You like a casual and a laid-back lifestyle. Sometimes, you trust others way too much.

The Back Snorer

Snoring is a symbol of ill-temper and disturbed sleep. You always snore while sleeping because maybe you are facing some irritable issues at the workplace or maybe you are going through a personal life crisis. People who snore get less sleep.

So, these are the few sleeping postures from which we can decipher a woman’s personality. Have you ever got involved in a tussle with yourself? Have you ever felt unknown to your own self? Then, from the next time onwards ask your partner to notice your sleeping position and inform you about it. Trust me! The theory works.

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