Do You Know What Your Bracelet Lines Can Reveal?

Chiromancy, or the foretelling of a person’s future through the study of his/her hand has existed since centuries. This practice dates back to Biblical times. It is believed that the lines on our hand hold the key to our future. Usually what is concentrated upon is the palm. But the lines on your wrist, also known as the bracelet lines, are equally important.

This means that just by studying the lines on your wrist, you can know a lot about your personality and of course about your future. Mostly, people have only two lines on their wrists. But some even have four. Let’s find out what all these lines actually mean.

The First Line

The most important line. The more clear and deeper it is, the more physically fit you will be. If it is unclear or broken, it might mean that you are reckless. Broken line can also indicate that you have unfulfilled dreams.

The Second Line

Prosperity and happiness are the traits indicated by the second line. Again, if the line is clear and continuous then you will find success and happiness. Break in the line can indicate financial problems.

The Third Line

This line is related to your career and fame. If the line is clear you will be influential in your life. It is a sign that you are a strong individual. You are in control of others as well as your own actions and emotions. On the other hand, if the line is unclear you are the one who could be easily controlled by others (may be someone who has got the line clear).

The Fourth Line

This line is a rarity. It promised a long life. Also, the fourth line which usually runs parallel to the third fortifies the effects of the latter.

Remember that these lines do not hold the power of controlling your life entirely. They can be seen just as windows or indicators of a probable future. By knowing what future holds for you, you can be better prepared for it. Do not lament if you have unclear or broken lines on your wrist. It is you and you alone who can make or break your future.