EVERY PARENT GOES THROUGH THIS: 10 True Illustrations That Show Parenting Doesn’t Look the Way You Have Imagined Your Whole Life

Have you ever wondered what did you do with all of your free time before you had kids? Life changes radically after getting a child.

Astkhik Rakimova, is an illustrator from Russia, and thru these funny illustrations she is showing us how did in reality some of our parenting expectations went.

  • The most important meal of day

So, you expected that your child will be eating without making any problem. But in reality, everything has to be upside down.

  • Night Sleeping

You imagine you will sleep peacefully, but this didn’t happen. Babies continually have the practice of moving you out from your “comfortable sleeping area”.

  • Your child will not keep the room clean

This is for sure. You have a baby room, and you expect it to stay clean most of the time. But no matter how hard you try, it will always be in disorder.

  • When you are devoted to each another

A child brings great happiness, but it also changes the family’s way of life. Now the romantic moments seem so far, because you have to take care of your child.

  • Dressing your kid

Have fun with your child while you are trying to dress him up.

  • Creativity

Your time for drawing will almost always go bad. Kids will make a mess in every opportunity.

  • Enjoying your free time

Free time!! When you have a baby, do not assume this, because it will be hard for you to have time for yourself.

  • When you suppose that playing with other kids will be a chance for your relaxation.

Competition among the children is always on. This you cannot change no matter how you try.

  • Family picture

Yes, your expectation is for the child to stand still while you are being photographed, but the reality is far more different.

  • And last but not least, less romantic moments for you!

After having a child, your romantic life unavoidably falls, but we can all agree; taking care of our kids is irreplaceable.