5 Unusual Behaviors That Prove You’re IQ Is Extremely High – Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It

Do people often tell you some things that you do are odd? Have you ever wondered where on the vast scale of IQ you fall? These five unusual behaviors could prove that you function at a higher level of intelligence than the average bear.

1) Introverted

Introverts stay away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd. In keeping to themselves they keep they’re thoughts focused on what’s important to them. This gives them a higher level of emotional intelligence as they’re better in tune with themselves.

2) Empathetic

Empathy is a trait gained with wisdom. It comes to those who have had experiences similar to what another is going through. Therefore they can understand every side of the situation.

3) Comedian

Many studies throughout history have proven comedians have a higher IQ than average. They are very in tune with social behaviors and can connect to their audiences on an emotional level. Who would have thought the class clown was actually smarter than the rest.

4) Open Minded

People who keep an open mind are receptive to new information. Taking in and analyzing everything around them. Increasing their knowledge on a constant basis.

5) Night Owl

People who enjoy staying up late or even all night usually have higher IQs than average. This dates back to ancient times when wise men would study the stars as everyone slept. Or map the constellations under the glorious blanket of night.

So, do not listen when someone tells you that you should go to bed earlier. And the next time you feel bad for staying home, instead of going to the mall with Jennifer and Gina. Just remember, these things mean that you are one of the highly intelligent! Bask in the glory of your super high IQ!

source and courtesy:ewao.com