Why Highly Intelligent People Are Messy, Stay Up Late, and Love Swearing


Usually if someone swears a lot, they are considered uncouth or judged to be lacking a good vocabulary. But a latest study begs to differ. Apparently, instead of being uncivilised- swearing is a sign of high intelligence. The good news does not just stop there. If you are always reprimanded about your bad sleep schedule that too is a marker of a high I.Q. and if you are messy and shabby as a rule then that is a bonus.

Psychologists from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and Marist College conducted a study which claims that people who swear a lot are not in fact victims of a finite vocabulary.  Timothy and Kristin Jay, the psychologists mentioned above, observed that the people who use such tabooed words more easily also find the more everyday words coming to them naturally; hence showing them to be masters of a rich vocabulary.

As per the study, those who use a lot of slurs must be really fluent in all the usages of the words, direct or indirect. The knowledge required to understand all the innuendos as per the context is a marker of high intelligence. Hence, the supposition that people use slurs to hide their deficiency of vocabulary falls flat as these people who are fluent in a lexicon of shunned words seem to have more knowledge about word usage than the average Joe.

Another similar study brought good news for the nocturnal beings amongst us. The study recorded the IQs and sleeping times of a variety of people and their results were drawn on the basis of that. As per the collected data, those who had a low IQ as a child, say less than 75, tend to sleep early as adults, at an average at a quarter to midnight. As opposed to this, those who were found to have a high IQ in their childhood, say 125 or above prefer to have quite late sleeping times. On an average they sleep at half past midnight or later. Thus, it was inferred that there was some sort of relation between signs of intelligence in early childhood and later sleeping habits of individuals.

Another societal stereotype that has been broken is that those who are shabby are disorganised and therefore don’t get much accomplished. The study says that a disorganised desk is a sign of extraordinary intelligence. Disorder and disarray inspires to think unconventionally and out of the box whereas too much neatness leads to following the accepted ways of life.

Hence we see how the things which are considered improper and indicators of some type of lacks-lack of vocabulary, lack of discipline and lack of organisational skills, are in fact markers of higher intelligence and good I.Q. So fear not if you don’t fit into the conventional status of the society, you might be a genius hidden in plain sight.