Concealed Depression: 9 Habits That Should Not Be Ignored


In a fast society like ours, depression is a very common problem now. But the thing is that some people don’t talk about their depression. They live amongst us smiling widely and dancing their dances, yet they cry themselves to sleep and live in pain and loneliness every single day. They are the ones who have ‘concealed depression’. Here are 9 habits of people who have concealed depression.

They try to behave as if everything is okay: They seem to be the most normal people living the most normal lives. They put up a huge ‘show’ about how okay their life is. One has to look very closely to see the crevices but it is difficult because they really keep up the image of their happy life all the time. They even deceive the closest people to them. It is not that they are hiding their pain it is just that they don’t want others to suffer because of their pain.

  • They use habitual remedies: They have habits that act as remedies. This means that they are very sure about what habits they have because if they don’t go through those activities, they won’t feel calm and normal. Those habits are actually the remedies.
  • They fear abandonment: They are scared of the idea that people would leave them and they will be all alone. The truth is that they are scared of the idea that it could happen to them again. Life has already left them; they don’t want people to leave.
  • They are adept at making excuses: They always have the perfect excuses to make. Obviously, a person who is so adept at hiding their emotional state can surely make great excuses.
  • They may have different sleeping or eating habits: If you feel that a person has a weird pattern of sleeping and eating, it is kinda sure that they are going through something that they are hiding from you. Look closely.
  • They understand life and death in a better way: They have been through it all and they have learnt their lessons. They understand profound concepts like death at a level at which a normal person cannot even think about them.
  • They are unique in their expression and talent: They may be ridiculously funny or sarcastic or good with words. The thing is that expression is their coping mechanism so they are usually good at it.
  • They want to know the purpose of their life: They want serious things from life. They believe that they have a higher purpose to serve and they must continue to live their life the way it is because there must be some reason for their situation. This is what keeps them alive!
  • Sometimes, they reach out: Sometimes, after all the strength that they show, they actually break down and they might try to reach out to you. The only thing is that you have to observe them keenly. If you miss the chance to help them, it probably won’t happen again.