How ‘Dirty in Bed’ Can You Be According To Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has those secret desires that they want to be fulfilled but are too shy to ask for. If you think that your desires are safe in your own head, then you are wrong. Zodiac signs can tell the dirtiest things that you want to do in the bed.

These fantasies can come in very handy to understand your partners’ desires in bed. Some of these fantasies might sound very dark and disgusting, but there is no room for judgment. You can have only one of two things, either pleasure in bed or your fantasies sealed in your head.

Let’s see the list


Aries are very kinky and thus can have very intense needs in bed. They might just want to plug in your balls and electrocute them. Female Aries are far more intense than men and can even ask for a ride on your back every now and then, bossing you around.


They are also fond of kinky sex. Their needs can sometimes be called as really ‘dirty’. Body odor smelling from partner etc can turn them on real hard. Some of them can even have coprophilia, i.e. attraction to filth.


They are not very kinky. All they want is good sex. They love multitasking, so they might have fantasy to have sex while doing something else at the same time. They also want toys to be included in sex.


Cancer are also very kinky. They want good hard sex. Mix in some role playing and you have them turned on real bad.


They are very detail oriented in terms of sex. They want everything according to their plan and can even ask the partner to wear some specific clothes. They love to make sex videos and watch them later with their partner.


They are even more intense than any other sign. They are extremists in bed. There will be stretches when they’ll have sex for a lot many days but then they can also leave you dry for long periods. They enjoy all sorts of kink. They want the sex to be a pleasurable activity for their partner. They derive satisfaction from the pleasures of their partners.


Libra loves foreplay. As a Libra, you’ll love all the subtle details more than the sex itself. Your ultimate desire is oral sex.


They love to be the boss in the bed. They can be a bit hard on you. They love to deliver pain to the partner. This is their secret fetish.


For them, the fetish is little off the bed. They want their partner to chase them and to beg them for sex. They can be a little difficult to get but sex with them is very satisfying.


They generally do not want much foreplay. They get turned on very easily and can have sex for long hours. They can be very dominant in bed and this goes for both the sexes.


They want to try something new every single time. They also are very kinky in bed. They love to talk about their experiences in bed.


They want to be wanted in the bed but their fetish is to give their all to the partner. They love to be abused physically and verbally. Their dream in bed is to become a prostitute for their partner. Their mission is to do everything for their partner.

Do not be afraid to open your heart to your beloved. If you’ll share your fantasies with your partner, you’ll experience a completely new dimension of pleasure.

Do not hold yourself back!

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