8 Most Amazing Life Expectancy Enhancement Tips: Changing How You Lead Your Life

If you thought you would need some magic infused herb to increase your life expectancy, you couldn’t be more wrong. Life expectancy can be improved with simple changes made in your lifestyle using little or no effort. Dished out below are 8 amazing ways to lead a healthy and happy long life

Build connection with the nature – Why coop up inside your room, when you can get all the fun and happiness with a stroll taken in the sun. All you need is the desire to spend some time being one with the nature. For starters, a walk not longer than 30 minutes in the morning or evening, should work wonders. As time passes by, and you get more habituated to walking, you can increase the amount of your walk or jog time to one hour or more.

 Be amidst and with people – Love people’s company. There is no reward in spending a solitary life. Try to mingle with new people and make new friends. Being around people you like or share interests with, will boost your mood immensely.

Include exercise in your day-to-day routine – Are you too lazy to hit the gym? Start slow! Include pushups and crunches and other less complicated exercises that you can perform at home. Once your body gets used to exercising, you can enroll yourself with a gym, where you will be able to carry out proper exercises best suited to your body type.

Say no to stress – Stress is the biggest foe of a human being as far as health is concerned. A lot of diseases including hypertension and cardiovascular impairment result from taking excessive stress. So, simply distress! The best way to take out stress from your life is by meditating and engaging in restorative yoga. Involving in sports or pursuing a hobby also helps profoundly.

Say ‘yes’ to routine tests and medical checkups – A lot of the times, people remain unaware of diseases that have already plagued them. There are certain illnesses that set in without any obvious reasons or symptoms. Such medical conditions are more dangerous than fatal diseases with clear and obvious symptoms. Since, they can only be diagnosed with timely checkups, regular tests and medical checkups should figure high in your health agenda.

Avoid risks! – This might sound a little weird but avoiding risks may actually increase your life expectancy. A lot of youngsters these days lose life because they are too much into adventuring. True, not all adventures are dangerous, but the ones that are, are way too risky. These may include high speed motor biking, cliff-face camping, storm chasing and the like. Surprisingly, almost all of these activities are insanely popular across the world.

Stop overindulging in intoxicating agents – More deaths than you can imagine result around the world from liquor and smoking induced diseases. Starting from liver cirrhosis, to kidney failures and respiratory system impairment- the number of diseases caused due to excessive smoking and drinking of alcohol are endless. Not much surprisingly, higher risks loom over those who are into drug abuse. So, the key is to keep away from all kinds of intoxicating agents!

 Consume fish – Isn’t this a delicious way to live longer? Yes, why not! Consuming fish for at least once or twice a week can reduce the risk of a fatal heart attack by a third. Besides alleviating symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, it protects you from cancer. Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish are a vital nutrient for the body that also enhances life span.

By making these simple changes in lifestyle, you can enjoy an enviably long life. Don’t believe? Just give them a try!