11 Subtle Ways a Toxic Person Reveals Themselves

People are capable of a lot of different things, and some of us have more cruel intentions than good. There are toxic people roaming about looking for their next victim, and these are the behaviors they’ll exhibit before revealing themselves.

Today it seems like toxic people are reproducing like snails. They’re everywhere and they are getting stronger, more devious, and eviler. We are never sure why a toxic person is the way they are, but we can sure tell when someone is a toxic person. You can’t let yourself only view the good in people as much as we want to. You have to pay attention to not only the flaws of other people but their true intentions. You must take note of how they treat other people because they will treat you the exact same way.

The most toxic thing about a toxic person is their cruel methods of getting to us. They will make themselves your best friend to bury themselves in your heart. This allows them to basically homestead on your heart until you are their next victim. Having access to your heart and trust gives them the strings to pull, and oh boy will they pull those strings. They’ll yank at them until you can’t take it anymore, leaving you broken. This fuels them and makes them gain even more strength. They feed on the weaknesses of other people and never stop searching for new prey. They are good at what they do and hiding their true intentions, but they cannot help exhibiting these 11 behaviors before revealing their true self. Watch out for them.

  • Bad Listeners – Toxic people are bad listeners and they struggle to hide that. Take note to the way they react when you start talking to them. Talk about your personal thoughts and they will easily show how disinterested they are.
  • Playing the Victim – A toxic person is best at playing the victim. They will do something extremely hurtful and then blame you for it. They are always the victim and they never take responsibility for their actions.
  • Judgmental – Toxic people are so insecure themselves that they cannot refrain from openly judging everyone else. They constantly talk about how they’re better than other people, making it extremely obvious that they are just insecure.
  • They Seek Attention – If the attention is not on them they tend to freak out. They will even go to drastic measures to make themselves the center of attention again. If they are unsuccessful with this, they will involve themselves in other people’s issues.
  • Disrespectful – Toxic people have no basic respect for other people. They walk all over everyone and expect nothing but respect in return. They think the world owes them something, which causes them to place themselves on a higher pedestal than everyone else. You’ll quickly see that their number one priority is themselves.
  • They Interrupt All the Time – If you are around someone who is toxic you will notice how often they interrupt other people. They make it obvious they do not care about anything but themselves when they literally will not let anyone else share input. If you are able to, they will put you down for it and tell you why you are wrong.
  • Their Egotistical – Toxic people are extremely focused on their image. They care greatly about what other people think of them, even if they don’t show it. Toxic people will constantly talk themselves up in order to promote their ego.
  • They’re Abusive – Toxic people are just downright abusive. You might just notice that they are emotionally abusive in the beginning, but eventually, they might even become physical. It will surprise you greatly but do not put it past them. This is the last resort method of a toxic person trying to regain control over you.
  • They Lack Responsibility – toxic people will never take responsibility for their actions. They refuse to believe they ever do anything wrong.  A toxic person will never fess up to a fault or especially make amends. It can astound you how much they really deny their own actions.
  • They’re materialistic – Toxic people are ideally materialistic people. They do not care about much more than the way other people think about them which causes them to take great pride in nice objects or an expensive lifestyle. They will always be trying to boast about something they have that you do not.
  • They Are Disinterested in Anything About Anyone Else – You can easily see that they are not interested in anyone else. Anytime the conversation lingers to someone else they will always redirect the attention on them.