The First thing You Notice Will Define Who You Really Are

We’re all familiar with the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But what if I tell you a picture can also reveal a thousand facets about your personality? We come across myriad images every single day and our attention is hooked in ways we can hardly explain. The human mind has a unique way of perceiving images – we focus on certain aspects that entice our attention almost instantly while we unconsciously leave out a little here and there. The act of perceiving humans unconsciously has a lot to tell about our personality – about the ones we truly are. Here is an image – have a look at it. What is the first thing that caught your attention – A person? A face? Or, the moon? Read on, to reveal what each one has to say about the human being you are!

A person standing on a hill

If the silhouette of a single person was the first thing that you noticed about this picture, it implies how responsible you are as a person. You never shy away from responsibilities or hesitate to step in for others. You’re very serious about the commitments you make and carry them out in the most impeccable fashion – thanks to the streak of perfectionism in you! You are an extremely humble and pragmatic person who is capable of taking the best decisions. At times, you can be very strict with the ones around you which might make them perceive you as an overly ambitious individual.


A woman’s face

If the first thing you noticed about the picture is the outline of a woman’s face, we believe you are an extremely sensitive person with a strong sense of intuition. Your intuitions are always on point and you can easily bank on them to arrive at decisions. You are a person who savors solitude and likes to ponder over life. That doesn’t imply in the least that you dislike having company – as you don’t but they might perceive you as a dreamer lost in his or her own universe. Well, you’re a little dreamy and even if people consider you a little outlandish for this world, you can’t help but love it.


The moon

If you’re one of the few individuals who noticed the moon as soon as you glanced at the picture, you are the one who loves to be the center of attention of an event. You’re the show-stopper, you’re the life of a boring party and the one who can never get enough of attention. You define what it is like to be fun. You are extremely creative and believe in reasserting creativity through art, joy, and music. The crowd revolves around you and people love to be with you as they are always enamored and excited about what you’ll bring to the table next. But your creative plans hardly see fulfillment as you don’t stay put to the ground often working on your favorite project. Allow yourself some time to nurture your qualities.