Are You One Of These Types Of Empaths?

Well, to begin with, lose that intrigued look on your face. There are many types of empaths.

You thought there is only one. Well, your bad.

Now that we have established this, let us begin by looking who empaths are.

If you are an empath, you:

  • Understand the emotions of people around you.
  • Put people’s emotions above yours
  • Understand the concept of walking in others’ shoes
  • Amazing at listening
  • Very intuitive and are very aware of things around you
  • Cannot stand being in overcrowded places
  • People love to get advice from you.

Now, we bring to you a list of 11 types of empaths. Read the list and take time to figure out which type of empath you are. Make sure you don’t miss the nuance that is present in every category.

1.Emotionally Receptive Empath: This type is tricky because almost all empaths are emotionally receptive. That’s like the first quality to have if you are an empath. But an emotionally receptive empath is way ahead in their game. They are so receptive that they almost feel that the events that are affecting the person that they are trying to help, are actually happening to them.


2.Physically Receptive Empath: For these types of empaths, the physical pain of other people around them can have manifestations on them as well. They think that deeply. Imagine!


3.Precognitive Empath: They know when something is going to happen before it even happens. They have a heightened sensitivity of awareness. What a cool type to be!


4.Flora Empath: These types of empaths can be found talking and listening to, well, plants. They can actually understand the feelings of plants around them.


5.Psychometric Empath: They are the ones that can connect to things that aren’t even living. They can get signals and vibrations from the non-living objects like sofa and laptop and whatever you can think of.


6.Telepathic Empaths: Yes. They have a telepathic connection with people around them. This connection is so strong that they can even hear what you haven’t even expressed.


7.Claircognizant Empath: They just know it when something needs to be done. They can also easily tell if someone is cheating or deceiving them.


8.Geomantic Empaths: They talk to the Earth itself. Yes, they are pretty darn good at getting signals from the Earth.


9.Fauna Empaths: Well, they can talk to the animals and share a very special bond with them.


10.Medium Empaths: They are the spooky kind because they are directly connected to the world of spirits. They know when the spirits are around and sometimes they can even talk to the spirits.


11.Prudent Empath: They are the practical empaths. They know what needs to be done and they make sure that is done. They constantly guide people about what they should or should not do. Also, they are fairly large in number.


It doesn’t need to be said because the matter of the fact is that it is great to be an empath. You are playing a role in this world that most people cannot even imagine doing.

 The world needs you!