The Top Ten Telling Traits of Intelligence

Geniuses are rare. Geniuses are eccentric. And most important of all, all true genius minds share a certain something which is common to all of them. Here is a breakdown of the most common Traits of the extraordinary level of Intelligence.

The Top Ten Telling Traits of Intelligence

They are not rigid. They know the value of keeping their mind open to possibilities. They would never be rigid in their opinions because they know to do so means limiting their options. This does not mean that they are incapable of forming strong beliefs.

They take their time. They are never in a hurry to get things across. They scarcely say anything without contemplating on it. For them every word comes with its own consequences, social or personal and they give due thought to each.

They don’t small talk. You would rarely see someone who is actually an intelligent person take part in gossip or speculations. They never contribute to the conversation unless they know for sure that they have something valuable to add to it.

They are their only critic. They don’t worry about the opinions of others. Instead of madly following the crowd they make their decisions based on knowledge and information. This means that they would seek sufficient information to form their own ideas about things instead of being swayed by the personal prejudice of others.

They know everyone can make mistakes. And more importantly they know that even they are not perfect. They are willing to not just admit their mistakes but also learn from them. They also don’t believe that humans are infallible. This helps them in thinking things rationally.

They are objective. True sign of Intelligence is not just proving others wrong. It’s when you take the trouble to think from the other person’s point of view and help them see yours.

They don’t get emotional. When it comes to communication, it is of great importance that one always remains logical. When we are run by our emotions then we say things that might hurt the other. Making facts and logic the basis of your argument rather than feelings is the best way to reach a worthy solution to even the greatest problems.

They listen to intuition. They know the importance of gut feeling. Obviously our physical instincts made it possible for us to survive during the earliest stages of evolution; it might come in handy today as well.

They act. They realize the importance of thinking things through, but they also know the danger of getting caught up in their own minds. They know that if they keep going over and over the same thing they’d be paralyzed to take any action and they can’t live with that.

They know who they are, they don’t seek validation. Even though they would consider and respect the opinions of those whom they consider wiser, the fear of being judged would never stop them from doing something that is right.