Experts Say This Mental Trick Can Improve Your Focus

In this crazy fast world of ours, where we are processing the latest news by the minutes, without a break- no wonder that more and more people complain of a short attention span and lack of focus. Well, our brain needs to relax from time to time without which it won’t be able to perform optimally. Here are a few exercises that would rejuvenate your brain

Be Technology Free – One of the reasons why people from our generation find it so hard to pay attention to anything, be it boring lectures or over long confessions of the heart, is the blinking notification light of our smartphones. To break this habit of continuously checking your phone, designate tech-free hours in which you are not to pick up the phone at all. This will help you in slowly bringing down your phone usage.

De-clutter Your Mind – During an average day, we have so many things going on in our mind that we feel we are constantly running from one task to the other. We rarely get the time to sit back down and breathe. Our mind needs to catch a breath too. Now dedicating specific time from our busy schedules to just relax might be a bit difficult. It is advised that you take sky gazing breaks in between, 2 to 5 minutes dedicated to just looking at the sky while taking deep breaths. You will be refreshed in no time at all.

Live in the moment – Another hazard of our modern times is the lifestyle we follow. It is nothing but a rushed change of activities one after the other, lined up impatiently. Even our meals are so rushed, to the point that instead of proper meal times, we end up gulping our meal while performing some other activity. What we need to realize is that our body is not made to function like this. So next time onwards, live in the moment and focus only on what you are meant to be doing. Starting with meals would be a good way to go.

Improve Focus – One of the reasons why we have lost the power of focus is again, trying to do too much at the same time. Even though multitasking is a much-needed skill, but doing it all the time might not be that good. Instead, try making a list of things as they occur to you, and instead of starting on them at that instant, finish the work at hand before moving on to other things.

De-stressed Start – How we start our day pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you start it by reading work emails, or world news which stresses you, you might have a cloud of stress over you for the rest of the day. Instead, try meditating or listening to an inspirational podcast to give your day a positive boost.