20 Reasons Why Left-Handed People Are Absolutely Awesome

One of the most overlooked communities in the world might very well be our Left-Handed friends. From spiral notebooks to desk chairs, life is a daily struggle for the ‘Lefty’ brigade. There has not yet been any concrete evidence about why some people use their left hand when our world is increasingly right-handed; but research is ongoing and suggests genetic reasons behind this phenomenon. They even have their day of international recognition on the 13th of August.

Here are 20 interesting facts which highlight exactly why these people are unique in their own way.

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1. Left-Handed people make up approximately 5 to 10% of the world population. There are more than 30 million U.S citizens who are left-Handed.

2. ‘Left’ has its origins in the Anglo-Saxon word ‘lyft’ which denotes broken or weak.

3. People who use their left hand, use their right brain.

4. Left-handed people are known to be great in sports. In fact, they make up for 40% of the most renowned tennis players.

5. They have the ability to see clearer underwater.

6. Left-handed People are 3% more likely to be alcoholics.

7. College graduates who are left-handed are more likely to be richer by 26% than their right-handed counterparts. This has been Scientifically Proven.

8. Left-handed people are likely to be at least 5 months behind those whose dominant hand is right, in terms of hitting puberty.

9. Left-handedness have had severely negative connotations in the past, including homosexuality, neurosis etc.

10. At the same time it is associated with creativity and musicality as well.

11. Left-Handed people have a higher tendency to be insomniacs.

12. Children born to mothers who are in their 40’s are 128% more likely to be Left-Handed.

13. They can process information more quickly than right-handed people. Therefore their emotional experiences too are different.

14. They are known to be exemplary in spatial awareness, architecture and Mathematics.

15. According to experts a left-handed person can change their dominant hand with greater ease, for example in case of injury whereas right-handed people find it rather difficult to achieve.

16. Left-Handed People are more likely to suffer from asthma and allergies as compared to others.

17. Tesserae decades, dresses and sweater etc are a few of the longest words which can be written using the left hand.

18. As mentioned before, left-handedness might have genetic links. Left-Handed people are more likely to be born in families who already have such members. One of the most famous left-handed family is none other than the Royal family. The Queen Mother, Prince Charles , Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William are/were all Left-Handed.

19. Out of the total 4 Apollo astronauts, one was left-handed.

20. Perhaps the reason why left-handedness has been given the negative connotations of being bad or wrong, is that quite a few of the world’s most notorious and dangerous killers were left-handed. Whether it be homicidal psychopaths like The Boston Strangler or Jack The Ripper or the notorious terrorist Osama Bin Laden, were all known left handed.