Things You Will Be Most Sorry For In Your Old Age

1. You’d regret missing out on travel when you had the chance and the resources for it. Once you grow up your time and money is devoted to the family.

2. You will regret not practicing the foreign language you took up in high school.

3. Even if you did manage to end up things, you’d still always be haunted by a bad relationship and wish that you ended things sooner.

4 .Not taking care of your skin, not using sunscreen will definitely be one of your laments when you are old and fighting moles, wrinkle and worst-case-scenario, Skin Cancer.

5. Not taking the opportunity to see you favorite artists and musicians live.

6 .More than the stupid things you did, you’d regret those you never tried because of your comfort zone.

7. Once it gets harder for you to take the stairs, you’d regret wasting the prime of your life sitting on couches and not out running.

8. You’d regret not doing things which you wanted to, just because you took the society’s gender stereotyping or cultural expectations too seriously.

9. You’d regret not enjoying learning when you had the chance.

Things You Will Be Most Sorry For In Your Old Age

10. You’d regret being a pushover, be it in your relationships or at a crappy job you couldn’t quit.

11. You’d also regret caring about what others think, and being self absorbed, once you realize none of it matters.

12. Not believing in yourself, thinking you’re not enough, not daring to approach a person you love.

13. Once you are old enough, you will definitely regret not listening to your parents, they definitely knew life a bit more than you. In the same way you’d regret the conversations which you never had with your Grandparents.

14. You’d regret not being able to let go sooner. Holding grudges would also cause you to take a longer time in recovering from a fall.

15. Most of the old people agree that they regret not having done more for their community and the world as a whole. Volunteer as much as you can.

16. You’d regret being a Workaholic. If you think you are turning into one, better start spending more time with your friends and family lest you regret it later. Your kids would be grownups soon, don’t miss their precious childhood.

17. You might be happy enough to live on microwave ready meals now, but in later life you will regret not learning to cook.

18. You will also miss all the moments of serenity which you didn’t pay attention to because you were always in a hurry.

19. Unfinished projects will haunt you till your deathbed.

20. You’d regret the wasted time and energy in clinging to friendships which have run their course.

21. Being worried about stuff all the time and all the unnecessary drama would come back to haunt your nightmares.

22. Most of all you’d regret not counting your blessings sooner. So be grateful for the life you have and work to appreciate it more.