Top 9 Traits that a Human Must possess as per Ancient Sanskrit

Our childhood was the best time of our life. Everything was served to us on a platter and we didn’t have to worry about anything in the world. We used to be genuinely happy and content as all our demands were met by our parents.

Our parents were the one who used to go through the suffering to bring a smile on our face. As we started growing up, our understanding of things changed. We started realizing that everything is not hunky dory as it seems to be.

There are problems all around and you cannot run away from them or turn a blind eye on them. You will have to face it, but that’s not the difficult part. The difficult part is to actually learn from our mistakes and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

We get bogged down by the problems and hardship, but what we don’t realize in the beginning is that it is helping us build our character. Life is teaching us new lessons. Once we grow really old we understand the true meaning of life.

Here are the 9 traits:

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A body of your own – Whether you hate it or love it, you will have it for your lifetime.

Lessons will be learned – Life is one of the longest running institutions where you never graduate. It will keep on teaching new lessons and throw surprise tests at you every now and then. Now, whether you clear the tests with flying colours or fail miserably depends on your understanding of life.

No right or wrong way – In the institution called life, there are no mistakes instead there is growth. As you tread the path of life, you will only find yourself growing through all the decision that you make. Sometimes it might work and at times you might err, but all of this put together counts as your experience in life.

Repeated lessons – Life will ensure that you have learned the lesson before moving on to the next one. You will come across the lesson in different forms, but generally, we prefer to learn it the hard way.

No end to our lessons – As long as you breathe, you will keep learning lessons in your life.

The grass is greener on the other side – We just think that someone else is having a better life than us, until the time we are in their shoes.

Mirrors your quality or sin – Whether you appreciate someone’s quality or detest something in someone, it is actually the reflection of things that you adore or dislike about yourself.

Your choice makes or breaks your life – Every human comes equipped with the required resources and tool, but what they build out of it is entirely their choice.

You know the answer – If there is any problem or any question regarding life, then you should trust your instinct and listen to what your heart says. Don’t go anywhere looking for a solution; it is all there inside you.