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9 Characteristics of a Truly Strong Woman


9 Characteristics of a Truly Strong Woman

We have all come across a strong woman who seems to light up the room as she walks in.
Although physical beauty is very important for men`s desirability of the weaker sex, the “It Factor” plays a significant role which goes far beyond the outer beauty.
Here are the 9 traits that strong and independent women possess:

  1. They believe in the power of laughter

Interestingly, strong and independent women rarely take life too seriously.  They believe in the power of laugher, so instead of getting offended easily, they look for the positive in difficult situations.

  1. They aren’t looking for the attention they receive

Although they receive a lot of attention and seem to have a spotlight following them, they aren’t looking for it.  They are certainly not begging to be noticed or wasting time looking for compliments.

  1. They are in charge of their own lives

Strong women are in charge of their lives as they don’t need anyone to decide for them. They are also capable of accepting their mistakes and adapting to all sorts of situations in order to grow and prosper.

  1. They have both emotional and intellectual intelligence

Reading books is not enough for boosting intelligence, and any strong woman is fully aware of this! She has a well-shaped approach to life, knowledge, and intelligence and is capable of both impressing you with her knowledge and her ability to control emotions.

  1. They are exceptional at communicating

Strong women are great at communicating and are capable of having an intelligent and meaningful conversation.  In addition to being skilled at deep conversations, they are also capable of listening and solving conflicts.

  1. They have found their passion – and embrace it!

Strong women have found their passion and work on embracing it, whether it is a hobby, carrier, or something they believe in.  These women are willing to do anything to find and grow their passions.

  1. They embody self-confidence

Being bound to confidence is definitely the number one trait of strong women.  There is nothing better and more attractive than a woman who respects herself and doesn’t have an ego to go with it.

  1. They are mentally strong

Whether they have a smooth or traumatic past, strong women have learned to make use of their past experiences in order to get stronger in the present.  They live in the present moment though, instead of reviving the past.
9, They are empathetic to others
Empathy is undoubtedly one of the most desirable character traits.  Taking into consideration the characteristics above, it`s no wonder that empathy comes naturally to strong women.  Although they keep healthy boundaries, they will be the first one to give help, comfort, or advice if you need a shoulder to cry.

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