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This Is How Strong Women Battle With Narcissist People

Narcissists are very selfish people and capable of going to extreme lengths to use anyone for making the person do what they want them to. They are always torturing people and can take over someone’s life completely. They are generally very charming on the outside but once you are trapped in their clutches, it is very hard to get out.

Everybody deals with Narcissist differently, but strong women have a method which not only lets them escape the grasp of the narcissist but also able to scare them away.

1.Strong Women are not Naïve

The strategy used by a narcissist is that they tend to be very polite, nice and charming with everyone and tricks genuine nice people into thinking that they are the same. Narcissist need nice and good people around them so that they can feed their egos and feel better about themselves.

Empathy and good people are genuinely nice and think about others before themselves, while a narcissist will only use his charming self to trick you into being friends with him and he won’t be meaning any of the nice words he said earlier.

Strong women are not naïve and can easily spot the difference between a truly nice person and a person who is just pretending to be nice. Women, who are confident and strong, know about their qualities and do not feel insecure about anything. They love their mind, body and soul equally. So when they see someone being fake to them, they do not waste time to kick that person out of their life, even before he tries to enter it.

2.Strong Women will not accept blame

Narcissists will never accept that they did something wrong and will put the blame on someone else very quickly. They will never apologize and convince others that someone else in the problem.

Strong women will never allow a narcissist to put the blame on them. Since the woman is strong and brave, she is always accepting of her own mistakes but will never accept the blame for the mistakes of others.  They always demand the other person to admit their part of the mistake and guilt. That is the reason why narcissist is afraid of strong women and likes to stay clear of them.

3.Strong women don’t let their guard Down

A Narcissist always makes long-term promises and make the other person think of a great future together to convince the women to be with them. They make long-term fake assurances to make sure the woman is highly invested in the relationship. When the victimized women, lets down her guard the narcissist starts using her in every possible way and turn the relationship toxic.

Strong women never let her guard down and do not believe in words. They believe in action and only when the other person proves his love for him, is when they believe him. This is where the conflict arises between a narcissist and a strong woman because a narcissist will never keep his promise and will never do any actions to prove them right.

4.Strong Women cannot be manipulated easily

Narcissist people are very strong manipulators and are able to control others effectively. They influence others in such a manner that the outcome comes in their favor.

Strongwomen have a strict check on their emotions and are not influences easily. Nobody can manipulate them to do something they don’t want to. So the narcissists are unable to trick them into doing the things they want them to do. They cannot manipulate them which makes narcissist afraid of them and their strong opinions.

5.Strong Women cannot be brought Down

Narcissist people like to feel superior and in order to do so, they bring everyone surrounding them down. They undermine people, criticize them, bring them down and bring up their mistakes and flaws in the worst possible manner to make them look bad and make themselves feel superior.  A narcissist has an inferiority complex and in order to overcome that, they bring down all the all people around them.

Strong women cannot be undermined so easily. They are strong and are well aware of their qualities and flaws. They do not have an inferiority complex and admit their flaws without any embarrassment. They work on them every moment to improve them and make themselves a better person. Thus, when a narcissist tries to embarrass them with their flaws, it backfires on them.

6.Strong women do not tolerate hypocrisy

Narcissist people are a hypocrite and tend to show a different face in public than in private.  They have many facades and they pull out the one that the most suitable for them in a situation. For example, if you are together privately, then they might agree to you on a certain subject and when in public, they might disagree with you on the same subject just to ridicule you and to please others.

The main point is that strong women do not tolerate this kind of behaviour and instead of suffering the embarrassment, will expose the narcissist in front of the public. The narcissist is not accustomed to this unusual behaviour and does not know how to react in such a situation.

7.Strong Women do not Bend in front of others

Narcissists play by the rule” Attacking is the best form of defense “. When you catch the lies and deceptions of a narcissist and starts fighting with him, he will start attacking you instead and you will be defending yourself instead of attacking. He will very cleverly turn the fight around and keep you so busy in defending yourself that you will forget what the fight was about in the first place.

Strong women never bend and never allow anyone to drive them from their thoughts and opinions. So when a narcissist tries to change the topic cleverly, they will cut loose and straight away tell them that it is not the topic of conversation and that they will come back to it later and deal with the original issue at first.  The narcissist will be left with no other option than to face the real issue.

8.Strong Women cannot be tricked by puppy eyes

Narcissist tends to hide behind a mask when their true self is revealed and try to ply the victim. He will try to blame his ways on his abusive and tortured past in order to awaken empathy in the woman. So that the women’s heart is melted and his sins are forgiven by her.

Strong Women are not fazed by puppy eyes and are able to recognize immediately when someone is trying to play them. They do not pity someone at whom they should be angry. They don’t let their own emotions or their empathy come in the way of their judgment which makes a narcissist afraid of them.

Strong women stand up for themselves, they don’t let anyone abuse them, they expose the people who try to undermine them and they don’t allow anyone to treat them like a puppet. They are true to themselves and they expect the same from others. This is the reason why narcissists are intimidated by strong women.

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